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This website portrays fundamentals of our Clearing & Healing Work of the Energetics (life-forces, soul and spiritual forces) at spots and areas that were distorted, violated and traumatized by evil deeds and were impregnated and charged with black magic by the Global Cabal / Deep State. Such evil deeds cause the Energetics to operate in a dark manner. The Global Cabal needs this to be able to execute their geo-political manipulations.

Through our Clearing & Healing Work the Energetics at such spots and areas are liberated from operating for the Global Cabal, are Re-Aligned with The World of Christ and thus can again work in accordance with and for the Purpose of our Evolution.

For a complete listing of the Results of such work go to: Results of our Clearing & Healing Work


Great news is that we have an upcoming book called "Grail vs. Cabal".

It is a much more expanded and detailed version of the Presentation "Cabal-Exposures, Black Magic Clearings & Grail-Revelations", incl. more materials. It'll be approx. 330 pages. The Book is expected to be released later in 2024.

Copies can be Pre-Ordered for USD$40 ($30 for the book and $10 for shipping anywhere in the World) via this PayPal-link: https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/U4FLL8RKF9GH6 or via the QR-code below: