On The Anthroposophical Society

"Assessment of The Anthroposophical Society and its Viability" by Patrick E.J. Steensma

Presentation given on May 28, 2022 during the International Conference "The New Knowledge Christianity - The Christmas Conference as the Emergence into the 6th Cultural Age and What Has Become of It", held on May 27, 28 & 29 at the Elisabeth Vreede House in The Hague, Netherlands.

Introduced by organizer Robert J. Kelder, the presentation by Steensma deals with the deep, serious and ongoing issues within the Anthroposophical Society since at least 1935, having resulted in its dead-end status.

This "Episode I " outlining the assessment, expands on those problems while chiming in with perspectives that have not yet been highlighted in this compact form and corresponding manner: Interconnectedness of the basic mystery streams, the basic elements of The Holy Grail, the Revelation of St. John and The Christmas Gathering of 1923.

These provide new fundamentals to undo the dead-end status of the Anthroposophical Society offering points of view and an initial direction on how to shape its future form to ensure it will become as it was intended by Rudolf Steiner from the offset: The Bearer of The New Mysteries .

The coming "Episode 2" (when and where TBA) will outline how to Re-surrect, Re-Organize and Re-Calibrate The Anthroposophical Society, thereby presenting a Way Out of it's dead-end status and path.

The Power Point of Episode 1 in PDF-form : For those who are interested in this cause and who would want to help out and want to study Episode 1 more in depth via reading it, they may contact us to receive the PDF of Episode 1 and outline their motivation in this cause.