Since Christ constituted The Holy Grail as the New Convenant between Him and Mankind for our Spiritual Development to become like Him and to achieve our Redemption, we see it is our Mission to further advance Cosmic Grail Christianity in the World.

Our contribution to do so consists of:

1. Research and clarifications on how this New Convenant expresses being the guiding Handbook for the future Spiritual Development of Mankind and the World,

2. Densifying those results in materials and formats so people, organizations and societies can use them and educate themselves with them (see e.g. Presentations, Healing Projects, Education or Services ),

3. Performing Clearing and Healing Projects to Clear and Heal the Energetics of locations (such as rid it of its black magic impregnation) to enable the World of Christ to be restored there again and thus for it to become manifest.

That's why we consider ourselves Grailknightz.



Our Vision on HOW to achieve that Mission is this:

Our research and understanding of The Holy Grail have shown that it has 3 Fundamental Components which also correspond with other Universal Spiritual elements, as well as recent spiritual developments.

Since Christ embodies the 3 Components of The Holy Grail, these 3 Components are a Road-Map of Humanity's Spiritual Development on how to become like Christ and to help co-create the World of Christ, and bring Goodness into the World.

The origin of the word "Grail" comes from the latin word "Gradalis", which means "step by step" , and therefore, Cosmic Grail Christianity means: a Spiritual Development “step-by-step”, for each human being in freedom, in their own pace, via their own path, i.e.: their own Grail-Quest.

The Holy Grail is also an Archetype, and so it contains different aspects, perspectives, layers and levels. Thus, The Holy Grail is the Core Image and Expression of our Spiritual Development that is in alignment with Christ. This can be found in its 3 Components and corresponding 3 Levels:

When those Three Levels are worked on by Humanity and in the World it will result in the World of Christ to come about as outlined and portrayed in The Revelation of St. John.

An more extensive Overview of those 3 Components & corresponding 3 Levels looks like this: