Here you'll find our planned Webinars.

A First Webinar to be held via Zoom is on the contents of the video " Cabal-Exposures, Black Magic-Clearings & Grail-Revelations " .

  • A "2-Day Webinar" , held on a Saturday & a Sunday - 2 Days of 2 x 2,5 Hrs each, with a 2 Hour break in between . Exact time for when it will be held depends on what time-zone the subscribers are from.

  • Content: The basis of the video is a Power Point of 577-pages. Each Chapter will be recited and elaborated on.

  • Format: The Webinar has an Interactive Format so with each chapter the questions participants may have will be addressed. At the end of the Webinar 30-45 minutes are reserved for addressing remaining overall questions of the participants.                     To guarantee the High-End Quality of the Webinar for its Participants it has a Maximum of 12 People.

  • Cost: The cost is USD $ 375 per person.

  • Way to Join : You can subscribe to the Webinar by completing the form below.

  • Scheduling: Once 12 people have subscribed to the Webinar, it will be scheduled and the participants will be notified of its date. Participants will then also be sent a request for payment of the USD$ 375.

Upon receipt of their payment participants will be sent via email the 577-page PDF-version of the Webinar. We recommend the participants read through the PDF-version in advance of the Webinar so they have a better idea of its contents and can also ponder on questions they may have.

Both webinars are lead by the founders Patrick Steeensma and Michiel Klinkhamer.

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