The 3 Hoaxes: Climate Change, CV-19 & Nitrogen

Anybody with a good set of brains and feeling for truth knows that with regard to these 3 Hoaxes:

1. There's been massive tampering, doctoring and manipulation with calculations, research and projections;

2. Totally other Hidden and Evil Agendas are actually behind the radical pursuit of these insane, inhumane and anti-Life policies (like the 2030-Agenda, depopulation, fake food, WEF, Great Reset-BS, etc). The Cabal-politicians even bluntly speak about it.

But there's a Much Bigger Elephant in the Room which is the ACTUAL UNDERLYING HOAX in their Official Narrative that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that those 3 are in fact 100% Lies. That elephant is:

The methodology and basis of Mainstream Materialistic Science itself has 10 FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS of Bias, Falsehoods & Inadequacies, and is therefore NOT REAL SCIENCE AT ALL.

There's a Nutshell version that outlines this proof is below and HERE in pdf. The more extensive 7-page version can be found HERE .

The Nutshell-version is here below: