Spiritual Healing by Michiel Klinkhamer

A Spiritual Healing by Michiel means the removal of emotional, mental or spiritual blockages that prevent the natural flow and functioning of your life energies.

In addition to our Physical Body and our Spirit, we also have other more subtle and delicate bodies. These bodies can be perceived in a Clairvoyant way. Michiel is a proven-Clairvoyant and has that skill.


One of these more subtle bodies is the Astral Body or Soul Body. Within this body of "stardust" (astra = star) live our soul forces of consciousness and feelings. Thus, is it filled with the "substances" of ideals, thoughts, desires, emotions, as well as affects, fears and guilt.

Another more subtle body is the Etheric, or Life, Body. This Body directs the life processes within the Physical Body. It is also a "time body," a carrier of the past, of your good habits and your vices.


Since certain negative experiences can run deep and turn into traumatic ones, deeper rooted issues and trauma's can imprint themselves from our Soul Body into our Ether Body. Those can then become blockages within the Etheric Body. If the Etheric Body is healed from these blockages, you will be able to heal yourself easier mentally and emotionally and in a more natural way.


The Spiritual Healing Sessions restore the health of both Bodies through which they are enabled to cooperate harmoniously again. This allows your spirit -your actual individuality- to better operate your Soul and Etheric Body, and thereby to better incarnate in your Physical Body.


This "Spiritual Re-Calibration” has a beneficial effect, resulting in a sense of inner and outer harmony.

What happens during a Spiritual Healing by Michiel?

(1) Your Etheric Body is cleansed and revitalized, so that the natural relationship between your Physical Body and Etheric Body is restored.
(2) It's made sure your Etheric Body and Soul Body interact harmoniously. 


Depending on the issues and diagnosis Michiel could also give you exercises that are necessary for your Healing process to manifest.


An essential and unique part of Michiel's Spiritual Healing is to let you physically and energetically experience your "Power to Resurrect". This is to make you aware of it so you can tap into its self-healing abilities and mobilize that Power by yourself.


Set-Up of the Spiritual Healing Session
The Spiritual Healing process begins with an intake of 22.5 hours. First Michiel maps out your current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status. Think e.g. of questions like how is your current connection with your life forces and can you take a physical posture in which you can actually experience them. Michiel will also check if there are any Karmic issues that need to be dealt with, e.g. those in your family, relationships or business-wise.


During the intake a start is made with the Healing. This can be followed up with one or more sessions. In practice, a maximum of 3 times should be more than sufficient.


Michiel can do long-distance Healing Sessions over the phone as well.  


Additional Healing Options

Michiel can also perform an “Energetic Assessment, Clearing & Healing of your Home" if it becomes apparent it plays a role in your situation. If necessary, Michiel can perform a Clearing & Healing of disturbing energies at your home. There such treatment can e.g. improve your well-being as well as factor in benevolence for your Healing process.


An "Energetic Assessment, Clearing & Healing of your Businesscan also be performed on its premises and within the building. If it turns out a Clearing & Healing is required it can e.g. improve the overall atmosphere and mood, and thus the vibe among those on the workfloor.


If the situation or diagnostics require, Michiel can ask Patrick Steensma to help out to perform such Clearings & Healings.



To discuss or book a Spiritual Healing with Michiel send an email to: michielklinkhamer@gmail.com . 



Intake (incl. the 1st Healing Session, 2-2,5 hrs max): € 225 per hour / USD$ 250 per hour.

Sessions 2 & 3 (min. of 1.5 hrs): € 225 / USD$ 250 per hour.


Home-Clearings & Healings

Assessment & Diagnosis: € 225 / USD$ 250 per hour. The plan and rate for the Clearing & Healing depends on the outcome of the Diagnostics & the Remedy-requirements.


Business-Clearings & Healings

Assessment & Diagnosis: € 225 / USD$ 250 per hour. The plan and rate for the Clearing & Healing depends on the outcome of the Diagnostics & the Remedy-requirements.


Travel Costs

The rates exclude any applicable travel costs.


Michiel Klinkhamer is a proven-Clairvoyant, a Karma & Reincarnation-Expert, a Personal, Animal and Energetic Healer. He is fluent in Dutch, English, German, French, Hungarian and Russian.