Results of Our Energetic Healing Work

• It rids the location of black magic and the demonic forces related to it,

• It shuts down the site as one that was operating in a black magic manner (the black magicians perceive they were discovered, that it was cleaned out and taken over by the Light and Love, so they run away from it because they can't stand that),

• Releases the dead who have been captivated by it (if they choose to make use of the opportunity provided to them by this work),

• Re-Invigorates, re-sets & re-calibrates the spot, the Ley-Lines and Cosmic Power Points it’s connected to and that were corrupted,

• Enables the Nature Spirits to become Christened and work properly again in line with Evolution on that spot and in the area,

• Works out into the Energetics in the area and nation, as well as the entire Energetics of the Earth,

• Works out positvely in the way how people feel, think and are (in their life-forces, soul and spirit),

• As a reward for doing such work you make progress on your spiritual development and work on All 3 Grail Levels,

• It generates building stones for The New Jerusalem -The New Grail Castle of Mankind.