Energetic Healing Project for and in The USA

To us it's clear The USA is a Top Priority for a substantive Energetic Healing Project.

It will require at least a total of 10 (possibly up to 15) Major locations within The USA to be healed. This would take about 5-6 weeks.

We already have some of the locations that'll require "treatment" in mind, but we'd still need to be within The USA to be able to determine all locations.

The Team doing this will be the Two Grailknightz Founders and One Extra Special Grailknightz.

The total costs are budgetted at USD $100,000. The reason why it is this high is because it'll also require an estimated extra 50K in security costs on top of the travel, lodging and f&b costs.

If you want to help us fund this project, if you have other ideas how to help fund this project or would like more information before funding it please get in touch with us via: info@grailknightz777.com .

You can also make a donation via GoFundme: https://gofund.me/7257a582 .