Karmic Energetic Healing Projects

The Healing Projects we carry out result in a Clearing and Healing of places of which the Energetics (life-forces, soul and spiritual forces) were distorted, violated, traumatized by evil deeds and were impregnated with black magic.

After such Healing of the negative Karma, the Energetics at those spots become Re-Aligned with The World of Christ.

A listing of the Results can be found HERE .

An extensive outline of the basics of such work and what it covers can be found in our Presentation: Cabal-Exposures, Black Magic-Clearings & Grail-Revelations (starting at e.g. minute 51).

Our most recent major project was our home country: The Netherlands

We can do such Healing Projects for any other Nation and its People as well.

A Major First Energetic Healing Project we've envisioned that needs to be done is one For and In The USA .