The Founders of Grailknightz777 are Patrick Steensma and Michiel Klinkhamer, both are from The Netherlands.

Patrick Steensma is a an Author, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Visionary, Geo-Political Expert, Cabal-Expert, Cosmic Grail Christianity-Expert, and an Expert on The Holy Grail and The Revelation of St. John. He has been an Earth Healer for over 25 years having done hundreds of Healing Projects in many countries in Europe, and in the US. Patrick wrote a book exposing the corrupt global monetary system .

Michiel Klinkhamer is an Author, Consultant, proven Clairvoyant, Visionary, Karma & Reincarnation-Expert, Personal Healer, Animal Healer, Cabal-Expert, Cosmic Grail Christianity-Expert, Geo-Political Expert with a specialization on Easter-European & Russian Affairs and Translator in Hungarian and Russian. He has been an Earth Healer for over 25 years at hundreds of places in Europe.